New furniture items

Tibor K

Added furniture

We are trying to add or change new furniture in the house. To make our place more comfortable for you. One of the new furniture pieces are wooden tables. Handcrafted by local ladies from rather local wood. The wood used is almost always found on the beach or on the street. Thank you, Jana and Nina, from Salinwood. A bit more soul and nature inside Surf Atlantic house.

Stay comfortable & dry

Other new item inside Surf Atlantic guest house is pellet burner. We are very excited to offer you super warm, dry and cosy stay with us. Winter months means cold days and even colder nights. Also some rain. Probably you will be tired and cold after a long surf session or just while being outdoor, exposed to weather?

Do you feel like spending the rest of the day inside? Either watching movies, read a book or just be with your friends? Our house is the best place to be in! The pellet stove is pre-programmed to switch on and off automatically with temperature adjustment. As a result, you don’t have to touch it or even think about it. All you will feel is the warmth and no humidity. Seems like all our guests are loving it!

New furniture items Surf Atlantic

Till today more items are made and found a place in the rooms or garden of our house. Look for recently added new furniture on our instagram page.