Climbing trip

Tibor K

Montejunto climbing trip.

First of all, I have to say, our rock climbing trip wasn’t planned. Quite opposite. It started so spontaneously. “Let’s go there and let’s go there now”. We had no information about the area or climbing itself. Because of that, our trip did not start well. We got lost and drove around in nearby villages. We almost gave up. Once in a while, it is good to change a scenery. We were excited for this very first trip. To explore some new area and new activity. Well, for some of us.

Not far from Surf Atlantic house, less than an hour long trip by car, there is the area called Montejunto. Countryside and the whole scenery are so different. Villages on the hills, forests, trees. View from the climbing area is stunning. Climbing is great. From easy routes for beginners to medium difficulty. Even hard routes for strong and experienced climbers. Quality of limestone rock is excellent. Very well secured with bolts and chains at the top. There are two main cliffs. First one is facing south-east. As a result, lots of sun from the morning. While it might be too hot in summer, sunny winter days are enjoyable. The second cliff’s orientation is north. Seems like best for summer days.

Climbing trip Surf Atlantic

You can find a few internet sites with quite detailed information about everything you need to know. How to get there, about climbing routes itself, seasonal restrictions, nearby campsite. Last time I checked those websites, they weren’t updated frequently. Therefore, in reality, there are more routes waiting for you to try and enjoy. Finally, after all the “hard work” it was time to chill at a local bar’s garden. There are quite a few places to choose from. The wine and beer afterwards tested so well.

On our way home we agreed to do another climbing trip. And soon!